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Salon Policy

New Client Consultation Consultations are FREE and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call Nubian Designs at (843)207-1077.  ALL NEW CLIENTS must receive a FREE CONSULTATION before scheduling their first hair care appointment. Consultations are complimentary (FREE) and are designed to improve our overall service and your salon experience. The consultation is a 5-10 min conversation with a staff member to determine your hair care needs, desired results, length of time for service and pricing. It is also a time for you to review photos of the various styling possibilities. There are NO SATURDAY CONSULTATIONS due to the high volume of scheduled clients being serviced on this day.

Preparing For Your Consultation Please arrive at your consultation with your hair in its natural state. If you have hair loss due to braids, twists or weaves, your stylist must be able to see this to allow for an accurate visual analysis and to determine your hair care needs.
Preparing for your Appointment Nubian Designs offers a complimentary shampoo and daily conditioner with each of our services. However, here are some guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your hair care experience.
  • Please remove of braids, extensions, twists, or loc styling before your appointment. If your stylist has to remove braids and extensions without prior notice, this will incur additional time and charges. It may also result in the need to reschedule your appointment.
  • Prior to arriving for your appointment, please comb through your hair thoroughly after you have removed all braids and extensions.
  • Please do not apply any chemicals, heat tools or blow-dry your hair prior to the service, unless instructed to do so by your stylist.
  • Please refrain from shampooing or irritating your scalp 48 hours to a hair color service.

Timely Arrival   At Nubian Designs, we want your salon experience to be as enjoyable as possible. In order to expedite your service, we ask that our clients arrive on time. We will do our best to ensure that your appointment begins on time and is completed in a timely fashion. However, if we are running behind schedule, we will call you in order to prevent you from having to wait. The salon cannot guarantee services to clients who arrive later than 15 minutes after their scheduled time. If you call to inform us that you are running late, we will offer a 15-minute grace period. However, the salon reserves the right to refuse service to clients who are more than 15 minutes late to an appointment. What if I am Late for My Appointment? A 15 minute grace period will be given for appointments. After 15 minutes without a phone call to inform us of your E.T.A., your appointment will need to be rescheduled. In the event that you have to cancel your appointment, please call to reschedule 24 hours in advance. If you do not call, and do not arrive for your appointment, it will be considered a “no show”.  Nubian Designs reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is a “no show” for more than two appointments.

Appointment Availability If appointments aren’t available during your desired date and time, we will add your name to a cancellation list and in the event of a cancellation, you will be contacted by phone or email.

Children/Additional guests in the Salon --We do not allow children or extra guests who are not being serviced in the salon at any time. Our waiting area is cozy, and will only accommodate a few people.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  Nubian Designs reserves the right to refuse service to any client for improper conduct, tardiness, no shows, or any other situation we deem inappropriate.

Does Nubian Designs Accept Credit Cards? Nubian Designs accepts MasterCard, visa, and cash for hair services. Extension hair services, hair products and retail merchandise may also be purchased using these methods. For hair extensions a refundable deposit must be paid for in advance. The terms and conditions under which the deposit is refundable are having cancelled your scheduled appointment within one week prior to scheduled service. You must purchase your own hair for extensions, as we do not stock hair at our salon. Products Returns There are NO returns or exchanges of products purchased at Nubian Designs. We will gladly allow you to take home samples of any product of interest (limit 3 items). If you are sensitive to scents or ingredients, this policy will allow you to try before you buy.

Discounted Appointments with a Stylist in Training We all have to start somewhere! Our Stylist in Training are licensed professionals who have chosen to specialize in natural hair care. Because there is little to no training in styling or maintaining excessively curly hair textures other than straightening our stylist have to complete our in salon hands on training period before considered a Junior Stylist. An appointment with a Stylist in Training is monitored by a Senior Stylist and is discounted due to needing longer time to complete. You may request your appointment be with a Stylist in Training if you need a price break but please take in consideration the patience and extra time you will need to have for this appointment.

Lost or Forgotten items Nubian Designs is not responsible for items lost or stolen during your appointment with us. We ask that clients keep up with their personal belongings, and in case of left items, we will keep the items for 2 weeks, and if not claimed, the items will be donated to the charity of our choice.

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